PM Boc: Traffic currently in Romania goes on 90 km of motorway built in 2009-11

Prime Minister Emil Boc said during a visit to the western Arad that 90 kilometres of motorway have been built over 2009-2011 and they are currently being used for traffic.

„Traffic currently in Romania goes on 90 kilometres of motorway built over 2009-2011 and another 65 kilometres are to be built now, 38 of which on Arad county territory”, said Boc, who visited the building site of the motorway stretch linking Arad to the western Nadlac checkpoint.

The Prime Minister stressed the works being kicked off on Nadlac-Arad stretch total 350 million euros. He said Romania is on the „right”, „correct” path of using the European funds and the state budget funds for motorway building.

Transport Minister Anca Boagiu, who accompanied Boc, voiced hope the construction firms would observe the deadlines pledged.

„It is only in this way that we can be partners in this moves for Romania’s economic development”, she underscored.

The minister announced that the infrastructure projects currently under way in Arad county total 1.2 billion euros. Such projects include the railway linking Curtici to Simeria; Nadlac – Arad motorway; Arad – Timisoara motorway, Highway DN 79 Arad – Oradea; and Arad motorway ring road.

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