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Romanian wind energy can attract investments exceeding 5 bln. euros, by 2013

The Romanian wind energy can attract investments exceeding 5 billion. euros, by 2013, the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) data say.

„We promise to go on encouraging the investments in the renewable energies, which will aid the local economy to overcome the harsh crisis moments. Energy is a key field for the Romanian economy and the wind power has the potential to attract investments higher than 5 billion euros, for a total production of 3,000 MW, which means more than 6,000 new jobs, by 2013,” RWEA executive manager Dana Duica said.

RWEA hails the Government’s approval of the emergency ordinance on the amendments to the Law 220/2008 on the support scheme in renewable energy, aimed at being harmonized with the EU Commission’s decision in the field.

The Emergency Ordinance was published in the Official Gazette, this week-end it completes the legal framework for the promotion of the renewable energies, which the investors in the wind energy have been awaiting, for longer than two years. The support scheme was approved for at the longest 15 years for the new production units and for those entering the market before 2016.

Last but not least, through receiving its second green certificate, the support scheme comes closer to those of the other EU countries, and sets up the pre-requisites for the achievement of Romania‘s green energy goals. Let’s not forget that the wind power is the less expensive among all the green energies, for the Romanian consumer,’ the RWEA official added.

RWEA numbers over 100 companies, both wind energy makers and developers, but also advisors and law firms and banks. The companies that joined the RWEA, invested more than one billion euros, in the Romanian economy, and supplied round 2,000 new jobs, so far.

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