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Auto: Bucharest hosts Romania’s biggest drift competition

Romania’s biggest drift competition, to be held on Oct. 21-23 on the road circuit near the Parliament Palace kicked off in Bucharest this afternoon.

Over 50 pilots from 14 countries, national and European champions, the elite of the motorsport are attending this event. Among the competitors is also Hungarian Nikolett Szanto, the first woman pilot being able to win a professional championship stage.

Attending the contest are also Niger Colfer, Drift Allstars vice champion, James Deane, Drift Allstars 2011 European champion, Matt Carter, Great Britain’s drift champion and European drivers, among which is also a woman, Ramona Rusu.

Besides the spectacular car races, the event will unfold in the presence of the most important car and motorcycle dealers, tuning, car parts and automotive firms.

Moreover, the car and motorcycle lovers will have the opportunity to attend tuning, styling, audio-car exhibitions and to also watch Terry Grant, Europe’s best stunt driver and the stunt-rider Raptowny, offering a great motorcycle stunt show.

Romania‘s fresh rally champion Valentin Porcisteanu will also be present in order to give a stunning demonstration.

The event will include a parade of electric and hybrid cars, organized in collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of Environment.

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