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International Congress of Romanian Journalists due in Cernauti


The International Forum of Romanian Journalists (FIJR) with the support of the Foreign Ministry’s Department for Romanians Everywhere (DRP), organize the third edition of the International Congress of Romanian Journalists, in Cernauti, Ukraine, on Oct 21-23.

The Congress’s this year edition happens under the logo Identity- Culture- Media, and brings together about 100 officials of the media institutions and journalists from Romania, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria, representatives of the organizations of the Romanian communities of these countries, and students interested in the Romanian language media of the countries where ethnic Romanian communities live, and local Ukrainian officials.

The participants in the event will try to find solutions to make the Romanian language media of the neighboring countries more visible, in Romania included, and to consolidate the FIJR activities through making operational the Forum’s new branches, and to establish an annual activity agenda, and to launch new publications.

At the same time, the will also discuss the possibilities of identifying new financing sources for the Romanian language media, in the above mentioned countries, ways whereby the cultural identity of the Romanian communities of these countries could be better preserved, as well as better represented in the Romanian media.

The previous two editions of the International Congress of Romanian Journalists happened in Drobeta Turnu Severin (southwestern Romania), in 2009, and in Chisinau, the capital city of the Republic of Moldova, in 2010.


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