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Over 5.5 million persons registered, Oct.20-22, in 2011 census


More than 2.248 million housing units, a bit over 26 percent of the total housing units estimated to be registered, and 5.504 million persons were registered, October 20-22, in the 2011 Housing and Population Census, according to operative information released by the National Statistics Institute.

The strategy behind the census is aimed at expanding the pool of information that reflects the development along time of families and households, which are seen as basic components of human congregations.

The information collected will help describe in the future the main trends in family and household development, population ageing, the rise in single households or single-parent households, an assessment of the number and structure of generations that live together as a family, family structure by the number of children and cared for children, the composition of families by kinship and parental ties, the women’s status in the family, migration, particularly temporary migration for work abroad, and other matters.

As a novelty, the 2011 census will also collect information about the citizens’ health state and their work capacity by assessing disabled people.

The 2011 census will be conducted according to the European legislation in the field that provides comparability between information from various European countries in order to find out the real population potential of the European countries.

The census will also collect information about migration and the situation of economically active Romanians, because migration has become a common phenomenon in Romania as well, as a large part of Romanians is working abroad.


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