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President Basescu thanks Army for dignity in sustaining privations brought by economic crisis


President Traian Basescu thanked the Romanian Army for the dignity with which it goes through the difficult times and for the manner in which it sustains the privations brought by the economic crisis, in an address to the Romanian Army Day celebrated on Tuesday.

„I very well know the Army sustains the privations suffered by the entire people, that are brought about by an economic crisis that nobody wanted and that is not originated in Romania. I want to thank you today, on your anniversary day, for the dignity with which you go through the difficult times and for the heroism with which you fulfil your missions outside the country’s borders. Allow me to think with gratitude of those who sacrificed their lives for the country’s liberation, of those who fulfil missions and who sacrificed their lives at times of peace. /…/ I especially thank those who sacrificed their lives on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan”, Basescu said in an address to a ceremony held at the Bucharest-based Monument of the Heroes Who Died in Action.

He underscored the importance of setting up a Task Brigade at Targu Mures (central Romania), which he says is another event marking an upgrading of the Romanian Army’s capabilities to fulfil their mission.

„No Romanian state institution will arguably ever reach the level of gratitude the Romanians have towards the Army. The Army that made us free again after World War Two, the Army that, by its involvement in the (December 1989) Revolution made it succeed, the Army that by its capability to fulfil the missions outside the country’s borders has proved Romania is a reliable partner one can trust anytime and anywhere. Today we have a trained Army, an Army which by its participating in missions in Africa, the Western Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan has become an Army capable of doing its duty to the country and the allies anytime”, the head of state stressed.

Attending the ceremony also were Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea and Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi.


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