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Constanta Port, Georgian peer sea shipping hubs Poti and Batumi to build cooperation partnerships


The Black Sea port of Constanta will develop cooperation partnerships with Georgia’s ports Poti and Batumi under a deal agreed by the Romanian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Anca Boagiu, and her Georgian counterpart.

According to the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), Anca Boagiu and Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, Vera Kobalia, met on Tuesday in Krakow for bilateral talks, agreeing to strengthen cooperation between the two Black Sea states by developing projects aimed at maximizing both countries’ potential in the region.

In this context, Minister Boagiu highlighted Romania’s interest in developing a collaborative partnership between the port of Constanta and Georgia’s sea shipping hubs Batumi and Poti. The relevant Memorandums of Understanding will be signed by the end of this year.

„Together with the Georgian Minister we agreed to strengthen our countries’ cooperation on transport infrastructure by signing collaborative partnerships between the port of Constanta and Georgia’s main sea ports Poti and Batumi. In the last year the port of Constanta has developed similar partnerships with the ports of Rotterdam, Dubai and Istanbul, a sign that the Romanian side is perfectly aware that we need to take advantage of our status as gateway to the European Union for shipments from Central and Southeastern Asia. Co-work with the Georgian side will further reinforce the role of the Constanta port in the Black Sea region,” said Minister Anca Boagiu.

Another subject of the talks between the two ministers was the request of the Georgian side for assistance from the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with the training of the personnel of the Georgian transport administration.

The Romanian Minister said that MTI and the institutions under its authority are ready to provide assistance to the Georgian party by training and refresher courses on land, rail, naval and civil aviation transport.

Minister Anca Boagiu participated on Tuesday in Krakow in the ministerial conference on the Eastern Partnership in the field of transport.


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