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President Basescu bestows high decoration on China ambassador on end of mission

President Traian Basescu on Thursday bestowed the Star of Romania National Order in rank of Commander to Chinese ambassador in Bucharest Liu Zengwen on the end of his mission to Romania and he asked him to communicate his warm greetings and friendly feelings to China’s President Hu Jintao.

„I bestowed on you, today, one of the highest decorations of the Romanian state in sign of recognition of the manner in which you carried out your terms-in-office in Bucharest. For nearly 18 years, over which you fulfilled diplomatic missions in Bucharest, Romania has had in you a friend and a man who has constantly supported the strengthening of the Romanian-Chinese relation. The developments in the last years are also the fruit of your work and we hope the years to come would materialise what you began in the last years, namely the development of an investment effort of the Chinese firms in Romania. I conclude by thanking you once again and by asking you to communicate my warm greetings and friendly feelings to China‘s President Hu Jintao”, Basescu said at the end of the ceremony held at the Cotroceni presidential Palace.

The Chinese diplomat was awarded the Romanian state distinction for his contribution to the development of the economic cooperation, cultural and political relations between Romania and the People’s Republic of China.

„I am very honoured to receive this distinction and therefore I ask you to allow me to express the most sincere thanks. This great honour not only is bestowed on me and my team, but moreover it embodies the high consideration you have of the relations between China and Romania. At the same time, it represents the full confirmation of the development level reached by the bilateral relations”, Liu Zengwen said.

He underscored that the leaders of the two states have, over time, showed their interest in the sound development of the Chinese-Romanian relations.

„During my four-year term I have obviously felt the remarkable contribution that you personally have had in the promotion of a deep development of the bilateral relation. With your support and the support of the Romanian Government, as well as of the friends in all areas, I have successfully ended the mission I was honoured to fulfil in Romania. Before I depart, I want to reiterate that the Chinese Government especially cherishes the traditional friendship between our two countries and it will continue stimulating, as always, the development of the large-scale partnership of collaboration and friendship between Romania and China”, the ambassador said.

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