Romania to aid Turkey with 100 tents whereas 100 severely wounded in Lybia to be treated in Romania

Romania will aid Turkey with 100 tents worth 250,000 lei and 100 severely wounded or maimed in Libya, selected by Romanian doctors in Africa, are to be treated in the hospitals in Romania, the Government decided yesterday during a special meeting.

The Romanian Government decided to to free of charge grant emergency humanitarian aid to Turkey, affected by the earthquake occurred on October 23, in the form of 100 tents worth 250,000 lei, offered at the request of the Ankara authorities.

The Romanian Government voiced their compassion and solidarity with the Turkish authorities and those affected by the earthquake occurred on October 23.

The executive also decided to provide medical assistance to Libya subject to payment, in response to a request from the Libyan authorities.

According to the Government representatives, the officials in the National Transition Council requested aid from Romania for treatment and/or surgical interventions in Romanian hospitals for about 100 wounded or maimed due to war in Libya. The executive approved the request with a team of Romanian doctors travelling to Africa to select the victims to come to Romania.

The Libyan officials also asked for some Romanian-made vaccine shots as well as to allow some children traumatized by the Libyan war or left in custody at the public institutions, for a recovery of 2 to 3 weeks.

The Government says the Romanian party approved these requests.

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