Public money should be thriftily used, Romanian IMF representative says


Thriftiness in using the public money is very important for the future of Romania not to be destroyed, the Romanian representative at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Mihai Tanasescu told a private television channel.

„I think such times as we live now are not times that should give the possibility for squandering and I think the political class is also aware of this matter. To squander at this moment means nothing but to destroy the future of this country. Therefore, to thriftily use the public money is the most important role Romania must play. We’ll see a deeper control of such spending in the upcoming period”, Tanasescu stressed.

He explained that the 2012 budget will be built starting from an exchange rate of 4.3 lei to the euro and he added that a modification of the tax system is not adequate „at a time of turbulence, of instability on the international financial markets.”


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