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PM Boc firm in denying any connection to persons named in Apostu case wiretapped calls

Prime Minister Emil Boc firmly rejects any connection of his name with two businessmen who appear in the wiretapped calls in the Apostu bribery case, making it clear that he has nothing to do whatsoever with this, said government spokeswoman Ioana Muntean.

„The Prime Minister cannot be held responsible for what these people say over the phone. We considered these clarifications were necessary because, although the Prime Minister’s name does not appear in the motivation of the case, the participants in debates are tempted to fall for speculation and conspiracy scenarios, and this was evident during public debates in recent days over the Apostu case,” said Ioana Muntean.

The spokeswoman added that those guilty of wrongdoing are held responsible in front of the law and it is not normal that a name of a man who stands in no connection to a presupposed corruption case is associated with this type of debate.

According to the motivation of the prosecutors in the case of the arrest of Cluj-Napoca city mayor Sorin Apostu, in a phone conversation with an Arges County businessman, one of the indicted in the file had claimed 10 pct of the amount he committed to obtain through interventions with the Romanian Government for a road building company controlled by the respective businessman.

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