IT – single domain experiencing no economic downturn, in Romania

IT is the sole domain having experienced no economic downturn, in Romania, and where recruitment recovered in the fields such as the financial and banking and the retail, against the background of the requirement of strengthening the sale teams, reads a survey conducted by Trenkwalder Human Resources Recruitment Company.

„The Q3 dynamic was slower compared to the same time last year, due to the incertitude the ever more obvious cross-European crises brought about. Therefore, the decisions on the recruitment projects have been postponed for longer than before and the activity came back to normal early in autumn, only, when the employment grids were enlarged only according to criteria of absolute necessity,” said Trenkwalder general manager Bogdan Florea.

Likewise, he emphasized that the salary budgets can no longer see considerable changes, compared to the economic boom years. This is the reason why there are cases when employers claim for less, not necessarily important, but which used to make the difference between a good and an exceptional applicant, before’ Florea stressed.

According to the Trenkwalder official, 2012 will be a very interesting year when the private sector is to continue working according to as stricter efficiency criteria as possible, which means that the recruitment policy will remain the same, and will provide the highest skilled manpower, in full accordance with the employers’ requirements.


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