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Tax for cars registered before 2007 postponed because owners did not understand it

The payment of the car tax for the motorcars registered before January 2007 was postponed by one year in order to enable car owners to sell their cars, but also because they did not understand enough the way to apply it, according to the information supplied by the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry (MMP).

„It is indeed a political decision too, but the central point of the decision is that, although the new tax was made known as far back as last year, old car owners did not understand the system enough. In this case they did not have enough time to sell their motorcars. Another argument was the fact that very many people want to sell their old cars, but the tax that the buyer must pay exceeds the value of the motorcar. Indeed there are also many aberrant situations,” said MMP.

The provision notified in the new law on the car pollution tax according to which the tax must be paid for all motorcars registered before January 1, 2007 was postponed by one year, the Ministry of the Environment  on Monday.

According to the above-mentioned source, the decision was made during Monday”s meeting of the ruling coalition. On Wednesday, during the Government meeting, they are to submit an emergency ordinance, which should amend the law that came into force on January 13, 2012.

„In the coalition they decided to postpone by one year the provision of the law on the motorcar tax, according to which all the cars registered before January 1, 2007 must be subject to it. Most probably, during Wednesday”s Government meeting, they will submit for approval the emergency ordinance that will amend the law,” according to MMP.

The new law on the tax for polluting emissions coming from motorcars or the car tax, as it is also known, as well as the norms to apply it, came into force starting on January 13, three days after it was published in the Official Gazette and two days after the Government approved the norms that make it possible to put into practice the norm-setting document mentioned before.

The pollution tax was to be applied both for the new or second-hand motorcars that were registered for the first time in Romania, no matter whether the motorcar is produced in Romania or abroad, and for the motorcars registered before January 1, 2007, for which such a tax has not been paid.

The norm-setting document stipulates a cut in the pollution tax by up to 25 percent, thus making it possible for tax payers to be able to ask for the return of the sums representing the difference in the tax that was paid in case that the pollution tax paid starting on July 1, 2008 is higher than the ones resulting from the application of this law. The sums of money for the refund are included in the budget of the Fund for the Environment and amount to over 200 million lei.

The law on the tax for the polluting emissions coming from motorcars was initiated by MMP after the European Court of Justice declared the old car tax as being discriminatory.

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