Elimination of sanctions for magistrates who fail to return wealth declarations – a step backwards

MEP Monica Macovei, vice president of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, main at rule), warned that the elimination from the Law 303/2004 of the disciplinary misconduct that sanctioned the law violation by judges and prosecutors in case of failing to return in time the wealth and interests declaration forms is a „step backwards”.

Changes related to magistrates’ accountability brought to Law 303/2004 were published in the Official Gazette, stressed Monica Macovei in a press release remitted to Agerpres.

According to MEP Macovei, if magistrates are not law-abiding and do not return the wealth and interests declaration forms they have no place in the magistracy.

„They must be excluded from the system, whatever other sanctions, either contravention or criminal, may be applied for failure to submit such declarations or submission of those that do not correspond reality. Sanctions should be also applied on professional line, as well”, the Democrat Liberal MEP also said.

In conclusion, Monica Macovei wonders why „steps backward” are made as concerns the strengthening of the judiciary, in conditions in which „the provision existed until now in the law and had to be preserved, because judges and prosecutors are the first ones who must comply with the law”.


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