Markets not to react to protests in Romania as long as reforms go in right direction

Romania will not be affected and markets are not to react to street protests, as long as the economic fundamentals and reforms are going in the right direction, said on RFI, Romania’s representative to the International Monetary Fund / IMF / Mihai Tanasescu.

„Sure, it’s a frustration accumulated in time, it is the people’s discontent who actually paid the cost of these reforms, of these corrections that Romania needed. They are justified, but Europe and the world, at present, are in a period which will produce very large changes, concept changes, changes in attitude and, of course, we encounter these changes at every step, we encounter them throughout Europe, in the United States of America, in various forms. Therefore, the markets will not react to such protests, as long as the country’s economic fundamentals, the respective reforms are going in the right direction. That is why I do not predict that Romania would be affected, „said Tanasescu.

Romania is dependent on external capital inflows during this period, certainly not very good, turbulent, especially in the euro area, Romania must demonstrate that it can attract these capital inflows, so that they can work, generate economic growth and last, but not least, increase its attractiveness to investors in order to attract investment resources for European projects, said Romania’s representative to IMF.


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