President Traian Basescu participates in informal meeting of European Council


President Traian Basescu attends, on Monday, an informal meeting of the European Council in Brussels. The head of state said on Sunday, at the Cotroceni Palace, that Romania will raise at this meeting of the European leaders the issue of EU industries relocation to Asia, in the idea that tax incentives should be identified, so that the major industries give up relocation to that zone.

The President stressed that the Romania’s problem is to create SMEs and it does not face an „alarming” relocation process, the only case actually being Nokia factory that was closed.

According to President Basescu, another subject to be discussed at the European Council is linked to convening a political action plan for stimulation of the economic growth and employment, especially among young people. Regarding Romania, several targets are in view, such as stimulation with European money of the creation and development of small and medium-size enterprises and labor market regulations.

On the other hand, the head of state said that, in case questions will be asked in Brussels about the protests in the country, he will say that the Romanians have paid „the cost of austerity” and it is now the politicians’ turn. „I will say that they are normal protests, generated by the measures taken by Romania, that the Romanians have paid the cost of austerity, and now the politicians have to pay it, as well”, Traian Basescu said.

At the same time, the President reiterated that Romania asked Brussels a „respite” in regard to the inclusion in the Constitution of the provisions of the Treaty on stability, coordination and convergence in the Economic and Monetary Union, pointing out that the original date, of January 1, 2013, would be pretty difficult to meet, given that this year „we will probably have two rounds of elections (local and parliamentary), at different dates.”

Traian Basescu underlined that Romania remains an adept of a solution, seeking a longer time than January 1, 2013 deadline, for the introduction into the Constitution of the fiscal governance provisions, if this does not exclude the participation of our country to the summits of the euro area countries. Moreover, Basescu said that one of Romania’s goals at the European Council on Monday is aimed among others to the participation of non-euro Member States to the euro zone states’ summits.


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