Senator Viorel Badea presents Romanian minority of Ukraine problems in Strasbourg


Senator Viorel Badea, a member of the Romanian delegation to CEPA in the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly plenum on Thursday evoked the situation of the Romanian minority of Ukraine, whose rights are not always observed, by diminishing the number of schools teaching in Romanian in Chernovtsy, Odessa and Transcarpathia and by turning some of those in education units in the majority language.

He also denounced the practical impossibility of installing bilingual plates in the localities in which, according to the Ukrainian legislation, they should exist as the Romanian minority represents there a significant share of the local population, or the inexistence of mass media in Romanian in the Region of Odessa, informs a Senate’s press release on Friday.

Another problem that the Romanian ethnics are confronted with is related with the impossibility of using the Romanian language in administration and justice, although, legally speaking, the law stipulates the registration in the civil status and identity documents of the names, as the petitioner wants and as it is pronounced in his mother tongue, noticing in this respect an increasing trend of making names sound more Ukrainian.

Referring to the democratic frame and to the electoral legislation, in particular, Badea brought to mind that Romania had successfully developed in the past 20 years the institution of ex officio representing of national minorities in Parliament, as part of a minority protection model very appreciated in the Council of Europe and in the EU member states and he proposed, in this context, that Ukraine paid more attention to this example and put it into practice within the future legislative reform.

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