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Twenty Romanian firms to attend world’s largest organic trade fair Biofach 2012


Romania will participate 20 companies at the world’s largest organic trade fair Biofach 2012 to be held in Nuremberg, Germany, over Feb. 15-18. The event is supported by the Association of Romanian Organic Producers Bio Romania and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, the Department of Foreign Trade.

At Romania’s national exhibition stand, the 20 companies will show organically authorized products such as cereals and oily seeds, forest fruits, honey and bee products, oils, dietetic flour, integral flour, bread and bakery products, seeds of aromatic herbs and spices, forage, milk and dairy products, wines, fruit juices etc. The exhibitors will also display works of art and traditional Romanian art objects.

‘This year, at Biofach 2012, Romania wishes to prove to the world that the Romanian organic agriculture has a great potential and can turn into a great producer and exporter of organic products and food products. According to worldwide statistics, Romania is among the world’s first 20 exporters of organically authorized agricultural products,’ Bio Romania Chairman Marian Cioceanu told Agerpres.

Romania’s organic agriculture has tripled its number of active operators in the system up to 10,000 in 2011 and the increase of subsidies in this sector could double the number of the farmers entering the system of organic authorization at the end of next year.

Marian Cioceanu considers the solutions to emerge from the economic crisis and for a long and medium term sustainable development of Romania are the organic agriculture, the eco-tourism and the ecologic agri-tourism, ‘the most efficient, rapid and safe strategies of development for Romania.’ In addition, turning the subsistence farms into organic micro-farms is one of the major solutions of sustainable development for the Romanian village, according to the Bio-Romania chairman.

Biofach is the world’s largest organic trade fair, with over 2,500 companies from over 90 countries exhibiting their products on 88,500 square meters and over 44,500 visitors slated to attend the event, among whom over 20,000 visitors coming from other countries.


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