PM Boc: I have decided to tender my Cabinet’s resignation

Prime Minister Emil Boc on Monday announced having taken the decision to tender the resignation of his Cabinet.

„‘I have tendered the resignation of my Cabinet because I am not clinging to power. To the country, it is extremely important that there is economic stability and that we may win together with Romanians. We have taken very tough decisions. Those decisions we took thinking about the future of Romania, not because we wanted to but because we had to,” said Boc.

He also urged the political class to quickly pass through Parliament a new Cabinet.

Boc thanked the incumbent minister and those who were reshuffled under his term in office.

„We have taken extremely tough measures and there have been convulsions, but the fruit has started to emerge. The economic stability of the country is the most important thing now. In times of crisis the Government is in no popularity contest. I want to thank President Traian Basescu for our fair partnership. I am appreciating the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and its ruling coalition partners that have sacrificed their votes for Romanians to succeed. I want to thank all Romanians because they were the ones that truly saved Romania. The politicians did their job while Romanians saved Romania,” said Boc.

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