Job generation, investment stimulation and economic growth – the principles of the 2012 governing program

Prudence, responsibility, balance, job generation, investment stimulation and economic growth stay the principles of government in 2012, as spelled out in the program proposed by the Ungureanu Cabinet.

The document has 26 chapters and sets the guidelines to be followed in 2012 for all activity fields.

„Having put behind the most difficult three years in several decades, the new government takes over an economy with a 2011 growth estimate of 2.5 pct, well above the European average, a situation for which exports, the good agricultural year and domestic consumption can be credited… The prudent economic approach that steers clear of populism will prevent slippages, improve quality of life in accordance with the available resources and will enable the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken towards international institutions. Romania further remains directly connected to the weak pulse of European economies, on which the country’s reliance is above two thirds for foreign trade and higher than 85 pct for foreign direct investments, respectively,” reads the cited document.

Vice-chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania – UDMR Laszlo Borbely told Agerpres that according to the governing program, the new ruling line-up would consider increasing public sector wages and pensions after the economic results are reported in March 2012. He stressed that raising pensions and wages will be given priority over cutting social security contributions.

The government’s plans for education include, inter alia, the phased implementation of the provisions of the new National Education Law, introducing and implementing specific curricula for the teaching of the native language, Romanian language, history and historical traditions, music education, the establishment of a lifelong training institution for the improvement of the Hungarian-language teaching act and the establishment of minority-language education structures (for Hungarian, or German, as applicable) with multicultural and multilingual universities.

At the ‘Health’ chapter, the government envisages to unlock by April 2012 the positions in the health care system for all professional groups so as to cover the urgent personnel necessities.

This year’s priorities, as per the program blueprint, are the absorption of structural and cohesion funds, education, health care, the labor market, social security, family and child protection, equality of chances, competitiveness, the business milieu and SMEs, scientific research, development and innovation, transport infrastructure, energy, the informational society, agriculture and rural development, tourism and regional development, the protection of the environment, the fiscal and budget policy, a streamlined public administration, justice and anti-corruption policies, public order and the citizen’s safety, diplomacy and foreign affairs, culture, youth and sport, defence and national security, inter-ethnic relations policies.

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