JusMin Predoiu: For CVM to be lifted Romania must prove reform irreversibility


For the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) to be lifted, Romania needs to demonstrate that the reform process it has embarked on is irreversible, Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu said.

„This summer we will undergo a five-year assessment of the application of CVM that should prove that reforms are irreversible. Therefore, we must continue this trend and we need to prove a very broad political support for reforms, because irreversibility is related to the continuity of political support for justice. As this is an election year, the problem of continuity and irreversibility, as a principle, is obviously posed even more acutely,” said Predoiu, when asked what Romania needs to do for the CVM to be put an end to.

Predoiu argued that the Upper Council of the Magistrates (CSM) should overcome a „logic of limited cooperation among ideas groups” and shift towards total cooperation for the CSM agenda to „move” forward.

„Whereas so far the weight of reform has rather fallen on the government and Parliament, along with the effort to work out legislation – no less than 14 laws that are critical for the judiciary have been developed in recent years by the Ministry structures, as well as by external experts, with the contribution of the magistrates – now that these laws were adopted, the responsibility of carrying out the reform moves to CSM and the judiciary. Beyond CSM’s current routine activity we need to see there a different pulse, a different emulation, a momentum of the judiciary, and CSM is required to work closely with appellate court presidents and heads of prosecution offices,” Predoiu added.

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