Defence Minister Oprea orders air bridge to ship food to isolated places

Defence Minister Gabriel Oprea has ordered the establishment of a coordination centre at Air Fleet 90 of Otopeni, near Bucharest City, for an air bridge to be used to ship food to people in areas cut off by massive snowfall and blizzards.

The Defence Ministry (MApN)reports that the shipping will be carried out by helicopters of the Romanian Air Force upon the request of prefects of the counties where there are isolated places.

The humanitarian aid to be distributed is made available for people in distress care of food associations and employers upon the request of the mayoralties of the isolated areas.

If the whether and the situation on ground permit, the sipping and distribution of the food will be carried out by road as well.

MApN reports that the first shipments were conducted on Thursday evening abroad two military helicopters in the eastern county of Braila.

The Army has reportedly continued to help people by carrying passengers and food over the Danube River abroad two military boats of the Romanian Navy. The Grozavul tugboat on Thursday carried bread for the people of the commune of Crisani and also ferried 18 passengers from Sulina to Crisani in the eastern county of Tulcea.

River-going 328 tugboat carried passengers from the city of Tulcea to the Tudor Vladimirescu suburbia and back.

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