Premier Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu: This is what a state is powerful for, to work

Premier Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu, together with Minister of Administration and the Interior Gabriel Berca and Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea, on Saturday went to Buzau and Vrancea Counties (both in eastern Romania), which were affected by the heavy snowfalls and frost.

Head of Government Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu asked the prefects and the chairmen of county councils to cooperate in solving the problems in the provinces, by also sending the affected counties some strictly necessary items, which should reach the victims of the disaster.

„I am asking you to cooperate in solving the problems in the provinces. If you have food and strictly necessary items in your reserves, I am asking you to send them to the counties in distress,” said the Prime Minister.

Premier Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu said he was satisfied with the action taken by the employees of the Ministry of Administration and the Interior and the Ministry of National Defence working in the areas affected by the disaster, but he also added that a better cooperation was needed among the authorities of the local public administration.

„This is what a state is made for, to work. … Winter can be like that too and there will be some other heavy winters. … I have warned the prefects in the counties that have no problems now and are not in a difficult situation like Vrancea and Buzau to contribute and help them. The Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Defence will go on sending aid to the areas affected by disaster. For the rest, seriousness again and again. In such cases we do not stay idle, we do not complain, we do not say prayers for the dead on TV, we do not speak of the Apocalypse, this is what a powerful state is for, to work,” said Ungureanu.

But the Head of Government disapproved of the fact that, in the places affected by disaster, there were people who did not get involved in helping servicemen and gendarmes. „Such a thing is not to be accepted, we cannot pay for laziness endlessly and it is lack of respect to people who suffer from cold 24 hours and try to solve emergency situations,” said Ungureanu.

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