Anti-power protests continue, although at lower parameters, because of frost

Several hundreds of people have continued their anti-governmental and anti-presidential protests in some cities, for the fifth consecutive week of social discontent, in spite of frost and heavy snow falls covering over half the country.

So, in Suceava (north-east), a few dozen people protested on Monday, in front of the Administrative Palace, chanting „You proposed modernization, but people need to eat!”, ”We want cyanide for dictatorship!” and sang ”Spring will come, will come and the whole country will take to the streets!”.

Suceava inhabitants entered the fifth week of protests in front of the Administrative Palace in Suceava, chanting anti-presidential, anti-governmental slogans, hostile to the parties in the ruling coalition and calling for early elections.

Protesters say they will continue to come every evening in front of the Suceava Prefecture, to manifest peacefully against the present regime, until it is overthrown.

Similarly, in Sibiu (northwest of Bucharest), only half of the 60 locals who came to take part in the anti-presidential march held up until the end, the others giving up in almost an hour because of the heavy frost.

Main complaints of Sibiu locals, protesting every evening, since January 16, are related to the President of the country and to the government.

They carry placards and chant slogans against Ungureanu government and demand early elections.

In Ploiesti, too, dozens of protesters gathered in the city’s center, for the 31st consecutive day, to show their dissatisfaction with President Traian Basescu, asking him to resign and calling for early elections.

Finally, in Botosani (north-west of the capital), about 20 protesters gathered, chanting anti-president, anti-Parliament and anti-government slogans. They demand the resignation of President Traian Basescu and early elections.

The protest, in the 30th consecutive day, was held on the background of a very cold weather and abundant snow falls.

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