Black Sea ports operational, adjust to winter conditions

Romania’s three Black Sea ports: Constanta, Midia and Mangalia (south-east) are operational, having adjusted to winter conditions, while the Danube ports stay closed, announced on Tuesday Mircea Staicu, deputy General Secretary with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI).

As for the navigation on the Danube, the river ports remain closed and passenger ferry services in the Delta are suspended.

„The transport of people and goods is ensured between Tulcea and Sulina and the localities of the Sulina Canal (east) respectively, so that those communities be supplied with the strictly necessary food and goods,” said Staicu.

The MTI representative added that permanent action is taken to break the ice offshore the port of Galati (east) so that the ferry service to the Great Island of Braila stays operational and the island is not completely cut off (Galati is the only open crossing point).

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