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Minister of Environment: We are ready in case of floods

The authorities are ready in case of river floods, Minister of the Environment Laszlo Borbely told Radio France International. He also mentioned that the largest amounts of funds have been allocated to prevent floods over the past couple of years.

„We have a strategy against floods, in the first place. They also have to be prepared and the local authorities are responsible for that. Firstly, we warn, therefore we know several hours ahead where the floods might be and we announce them. For instance, in case of a village, it should have time to remove its inhabitants in due time. We have the unfortunate experience of these floods and are ready for river floods, where measures are taken when they are signalled in due time. Over the past years, especially in 2010 and 2011, the largest funds were allocated to prevent floods since 1990. Therefore, almost a billion years was allocated for these things over the past two years,” the minister said.

Inquired whether there is the risk that the local authorities should be caught unaware of the possible floods, Laszlo Borbely claimed that they are solely responsible.

According to the minister, the National Weather Administration is not to blame at all regarding the massive snowing of late.

„Thanks God, it is not only a professional institution, but it has proved past the years that they can warn in time and that the forecast was true. One can check that we released the list of warnings at that time. They were warned in due time and each could take proper measures. The administration cannot be held accountable for the rest of the issue. If I issue a code orange warning in a county, that does not mean that there is no road that can be used. The matter must be analysed locally. As long as the snow is blown away or the road is blocked from another reason, you stop. Where one can enter the roads, the snow ploughs are the first. So, they must analyze, instead of staying until the code orange stays and remain off the roads,” Laszlo Borbely.

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