PP-DD becomes parliamentary party thanks to Deputy Daniel Oajdea

Deputy Daniel Oajdea, who has been independent since 2011, when he was expelled from the main ruling party, the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), said he had joined the People’s Party-Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD), thus bringing this recently founded party to Romania’s Parliament.

Oajdea said on Thursday that he had decided to run for the position of mayor of his native city, Iasi (eastern Romania). He made the decision shortly after joining PP-DD.

„I am a deputy for Iasi and I am not indifferent when seeing that the city I represent has come to be the laughing stock of a man, who is neither competent, nor well meaning. I feel confident that the political class will be selected in a different manner: selection on the basis of projects,” said Daniel Oajdea.

According to this parliamentarian, by common agreement with the PP-DD leader, the list of candidates for the Iasi Local Council of PP-DD will be drawn up in a way that is quite unique in Romania: on the basis of a competition of projects.

Oajdea grounded his joining PP-DD on the fact that this political group was new, had not been in power before and had not disappointed anyone.

„Independents are clearly disadvantaged by the law. Moreover, practically they are not even ensured the security of their vote. Without a team behind him, it is almost impossible for a politician to change something for the better,” said Daniel Oajdea.

A former trade union leader of the students of the Polytechnic Institute in Iasi, Daniel Oajdea got the mandate of deputy in 2008 after he ran on the PDL lists in a local college.

Being quite conspicuous as a severe critic of the activity carried out by the political that launched him, in 2010 Oajdea voted for the censure motion initiated by the opposition. He was expelled from PDL last year.A

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