USL appeals to CCR against investiture of Ungureanu Government by Parliament

The Social Liberal Union (USL), an alliance made up of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the National Liberal Party and the Conservative Party, all three of them in the opposition, on Thursday appealed to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) against the investiture of the Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu Government by Parliament, said leader of the PSD deputies Mircea Dusa.

„We have lodged the appeal to CCR today, criticizing decision number 1 of 2012 by which the Ungureanu Government got the investiture,” said the leader of the Social Democratic deputies.

He added that the decision of Parliament to give the investiture to the Ungureanu Cabinet violated Articles 1, 64 and 103 of the fundamental law.

„We are criticizing the unconstitutional character of the decision in relation to Articles 1, 64 and 103 of the Constitution. The decision violates the constitutional norms referring to the procedure used for the investiture of the Government, meaning that they did not observe the regulations of the two chambers of hearing the candidates for ministers in the united commissions and did not draw up the approval of the commission, they only drew up some minutes recommending the plenum to give the investiture to the Ungureanu Government. The approvals are compulsory and the minutes cannot be used instead of approvals. These minutes were drawn up in meetings without a quorum,” said Dusa.

The Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu Government got the investiture vote of Parliament on February 9.

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