Opposition’s protest – immoral, pushes Power to assumption of responsibility and emergency ordinances

Opposition’s protest is ” absolutely immoral” in conditions in which its MPs are ”on vacation” in Bucharest, but benefit at the same time from free accommodation and transportation, as well as of allowances, said, in Suceava (north-east of Bucharest), the First Deputy President of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, main coalition partner at rule) Suceava branch, Senator Orest Onofrei.

PDL senator said that, under the Constitution, the Parliament is the representative body of the people and the sole legislative authority of the country, and the action of the Opposition, to render non-operational this supreme representative body of the people, means to block the main instrument in a democracy.

”If the strike continues, the Opposition pushes the state authorities to ensure the functioning of the country by assuming responsibility, emergency ordinances or government decisions”, warned Onofrei.

Referring to declarations made by Opposition’s MPs, according to which they are going to donate their allowances, Onofrei has drawn attention upon the fact that the Parliament is not a humanitarian foundation, and MPs are representatives of the people, who must adopt laws and not do charity work. ” „If someone can be accused of an attempt to establish dictatorship, what clearer definition can be than the one of a disabled Parliament? I call them to work, to defend democracy. Work does not hurt”, said Onofrei, saying that this form of protest does nothing but legalizes truancy in the ranks of Opposition MPs.

In response, Suceava County leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD, in Opposition), MP Ioan Catalin Nechifor said that Opposition lawmakers can not stand in the Parliament along with Roberta Anastase, because it ”would mean legitimizing fraud”. At the same time, Nechifor said that parliamentarians of the Social Liberal Union (USL, an alliance of Opposition, made up of three parties – PSD, PNL and PC) have attributions in the territory and assured Suceava inhabitants that they will respect their MP mandates and allowances are to go to the charities, stressing that he donated his MP allowance to the hardly hit people in Vrancea.

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