FSSR: New health law must eliminate system’s chronic staff deficit


New health law must eliminate the chronic staff deficit in the health system, a phenomenon that has deepened since 2008 until present and that affects patients on a long term, shows a release sent by the Health Solidarity Federation of Romania (FSSR) on Tuesday.

„The patients and the employees are the great perdants of this system. The rulers of today and of tomorrow must understand that the health services are ensured by the personnel in the system and the quantity and quality of these services are proportional both with the number of existing professionals and with their compensation level. The lack of personnel makes the remaining employees be permanently affected by the risk of burn-out, which has an endemic nature in the health system,” FSSR chairman Viorel Rotila said.

He pointed out that the new law had to include a special chapter devoted to the system’s staff, stipulating, among others, the observance of some staff regulations comparable with the European Union average in the field.

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