Gala screening for Dan Pita’s „Something Good Out of Life” on Feb. 24

Film director Dan Pita is back in theatres with a new film titled ‘Something Good Out of Life’ that will have the gala screening at 7:30 p.m. at the Bucharest Hollywood Multiplex.

According to a release to Agerpres, the film produced by MediaPro Pictures tells a life story about friendship, love, dreams, hardships and accomplishments, all sprinkled with hope.

„Two friends brought up at the orphanage seek their way through the chaos of the post-Revolution transition. Although this is not what they would want, Mateo (played by Cornelius Ulici) and Ginel (Dragos Dumitru) accept jobs in a mine sweatshop as a way out from their precarious situation. They know there must be something good in store for each and that it depends on them alone to break out of the uncertainty fate has thrown their way. The two sworn brothers constantly take care of each other and together they manage to overcome all obstacles they come across,” reads the presentation of the film.

For the movie casting Dan Pita bet almost exclusively on debutant actors and entrusted the lead roles to young actors Cornelius Ulici (a former member of the Bliss band) and Dragos Dumitru, while Anastasia Dumitrescu and Adelaida Perjoiu give life to the female characters.

„We cast unknown actors whom we bring to the public’s attention. They are fresh out of college or actors with theater experience but who made no movies. I hope for ‘Something Good Out of Life’ to make its way to the public,’ the director writes in the release.

The film produced by MediaPro Pictures won the contest organized by the National Council of Cinematography in 2007 and is based on an original script signed by Rasvan Popescu and Alex Molico.

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