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Gov’t spokesman: Share of EU cut off repayments not spectacular


The share of the European money repayments cut off for the Operational Sectoral Programme for Human Resources Development is not spectacular and the Labour Ministry and the Ministry of European Affairs offered guarantees that all the found irregularities will be set right by end-March, Government’s spokesman Dan Suciu said.

He stressed the effect of cut off repayments from the European Commission under that Programme is ‘absolutely null’ if the measure is enforced only till the end of March.

‘If the repayments are cut till the end of March only, the effect is absolutely null, because the payments to those conducting such programmes are being made. If the time is such short, only three weeks, there is absolutely no problem, either for those conducting the projects or much less for the economy. Their share is not spectacular, unfortunately. /…/ We have received guarantees from the Labour Ministry and the Ministry of European Affairs things can be controlled by end-March’, Suciu underscored.

The spokesman announced a delegation of the European Commission Directorate General (DG) Implemented will visit Romania on Feb. 29-March 2 to also look into the situation surrounding the Human Resources Development Programme.

‘They will examine why the originally made recommendations were not implemented. There are management-related issues that must be set right at this programme, which the Romanian auditing authority should manage and recognise as being functioning. This authority will send the result of such analysis to Brussels. /…/ The European Affairs Ministry and the Government hope the situation will be remedied by the end of March, given that involved are management issues, not necessarily issues relating the structure and wrong payments’, Suciu explained.

European Affairs Minister Leonard Orban announced at the Government’s sitting earlier in the day that the European Commission sent Romania a letter late on Monday officially announcing it was cutting off the EU money repayments to the Romanian state as part of the Operational Sectoral Programme for Human Resources Development.


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