Grigorescu’s „Apple Blossoms” fetches 55,000 euros at auction

„Flori de mar” (Apple Blossoms) by Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu fetched 55, 000 euros at an auction held by the Artmark House on February 21 in Bucharest.

Also selling for high prices at the same auction were „Casa la Campina” (House at Campina) by Nicolae Grigorescu (30,000 euros); „Interior oriental” (Oriental Home Interior) and „Plimbare in parc” (A Walk in the Park), both by Theodor Aman, having fetched 20,000 and 10,000 euros respectively; „Tigancusa cu basma rosie” (Little Gypsy Girl in Red Headscarf), by Octav Bancila (15,000 euros);”Casa la Camoulung” (House in Campulung) and „Geamie la Mangalia” (Mosque at Managalia) by Gheorghe Petrascu – 13,000 and 12,000 euros, respectively; „Chivuta in pridvor” (Gypsy whitewasher sitting) by Nicolae Vermont (11,000 euros).

The total value of the sales exceeded 500,000 euros, with 95 percent of 127 lots having been auctioned off.

Today, Armtrak is holding the second auction session celebrating the Martisor spring arrival festival with period martisor trinkets, jewelry and decorative arts.

Another session is scheduled for Thursday. Cinema Memorabilia is a novelty where collectors are offered personal objects of renown Romanian actors and props from successful Romanian films and plays.

A session of Post-Modernism and Contemporary Arts will be held the same day.

The highest priced works of the session are „Primavara” (Spring) by Alexandru Cicurencu, at an asking price of 8,000-14,000 euros; „Pierrot and Columbina” (Pierrot and Columbine) by Stefan Caltia and „Autoportret” (Self-portrait) and „Spaime” (Angst) by Corneliu Baba, each at an asking price of 6,000-12,000 euros.

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