Romania sets up crisis team to work out Danube ice clearing strategy

A crisis team made up of specialists from several institutions will meet on Tuesday to work out a strategy for taking action to clear the Danube River of ice.

According to the Ministry of Administration and the Interior, the decision was made by the members of the National Committee on Emergency Situations, with the meeting to be attended by experts from the ministries of defence, transport and infrastructure, environment and forestry, the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations and the Romanian National Waters Company.

Similar crisis structures will be set up in the riverside counties.

The National Committee took the decisions at an extraordinary meeting on Monday, where its members examined the situation arisen on the Danube after it had frozen over, thus jeopardising the navigation, the safety of the boats and ships, the safety of the ports and the environment. The weather and hydrology forecasts were unveiled during the gathering.

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