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Lebanese President thanks Basescu for his position in support of Lebanon’s stability, sovereignty and independence


President of the Republic of Lebanon Michel Sleiman thanked Romanian Head of State Traian Basescu on Tuesday for Romania’s position in support of Lebanon’s stability. The two men also agreed on the necessity to coordinate efforts in facing the danger of terrorism.

‘We have surveyed the current questions regionally and internationally, in the light of the historical changes undergone by the Arab world at present and against the background of the tensions and challenges the world faces, among which there are also the ones originating in the world financial crisis. I have thanked President Basescu for his position in support of Lebanon, of Lebanon’s stability, sovereignty and independence, and we have also discussed the possibility to take part in the troops that should fulfil Resolution 1701 of the Security Council meant to continue efforts in order to convince Israel to fulfil this resolution entirely. We have shown the importance of what is called preventive diplomacy as an instrument meant to avoid conflicts and we have talked about the necessity to find a peaceful solution to problems, to all conflicts in case they appear,’ said Sleiman in a joint statement he made at the Cotroceni Palace together with Traian Basescu.

He made it clear that he had also discussed with Traian Basescu the ‘invigoration’ of the Arab-Israeli peace process in order to find a ‘just and complete’ solution to all aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict on a stable basis, whose essence should be legislation, international law and the Arab peace initiative.

The two Presidents also discussed the necessity to come to a „political and balanced’ solution to the Syrian crisis as soon as possible, laying emphasis on the fact that respecting democracy is the best way to hand power over, for stability, economic and social growth.

Michel Sleiman pays an official visit to Romania from Monday till Wednesday.


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