Romania, included as a first in Top 10 worldwide in terms of wind energy country attractiveness


As a first, Romania has nudged up the rankings of Top 10 most attractive countries in the world for investments in wind power, according to the latest Country Attractiveness Indices report released by Ernst & Young.

The Index calculated by Ernst & Young places Romania alongside Poland and Ireland in terms of the attractiveness of wind energy market and very close to countries like Sweden, France and Italy.

This progress reflects the newest investments in wind projects in Romania, of which the most important is that of Monsson Group, which began construction of a wind farm with an output of 150 MW. Total investment of the private developer in Constanta County park amounts to 245 million euros, the report of Ernst & Young informs.

The General index, which includes scores for all categories of renewable energy – wind, solar, geothermal and biomass – further places Romania in the 13th position globally as regards the local market attractiveness for the development of energy projects in all these fields.

Ernst & Young Quarterly Index analyzes 40 most attractive countries in the world in terms of domestic market for renewable energy, infrastructure and compatibility with individual technologies.

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