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30 million eggs deficit on the Romanian market in Jan and Feb 2012

The Romanian market reported a deficit of 30 million eggs in January and February of this year on a year-on-year basis, the cause lying almost entirely with the reduced imports, according to information provided by the Poultry Farmers Association in Romania (UCPR).

This deficit represents about 12 percent of the necessary amount, to be covered however in March and April 2012, UCPR says.

Due to this deficit, the farm price for sale went up to 0.5-0.54 lei for an egg, valid from February 27, compared to an average value of 0.39 lei per egg previously in February.

The lower egg imports figures of late were triggered by the fact that the battery cages had to changed all over Europe, leading to several farms being shut down due to failure to level up to the upgrade requirements.

According to UCPR, the production expenses in Romania went up starting on January 1 2012 by 20 percent due to investments in battery cages (a euro cent per egg) and the higher operation costs on surface unit, leading to a 0.37-0.38 lei per egg price. The chicken feed went up from 1 leu per kg in 2011 to 1.2 lei per kg in 2012. /continued/

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