Black Sea top modern nautical base in the making in Mangalia on European money

The city of Mangalia will boast the top modern nautical base on the Black Sea western coast, which will be built mostly on European funds.

Mangalia City Hall spokesperson Magda Colesniuc told that the financing agreement, whose scope is the tourist development of the city under the ‘Callatis Nautical Club’ project, was signed two days ago.

„This project is carried out in partnership with the Balchik municipality and is aimed at building a trans-boundary nautical center that will organize and host large scale sailing competitions in the Black Sea basin,” the spokesperson said.

The EUR 1,316,471 worth of project (of which the EU contributes 84.82 pct, the state budget covers 13 pct and the local budget 2.18 pct) is funded through the Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013 Cross-border Cooperation Program, Priority axis 3 DMI 3.1. and will be aimed at organizing water events in general, sports competitions and relevant exhibitions.

The one-storey building located in the Mangalia tourist port is designed to accommodate 15 offices and two conference halls, a boat house and other related facilities and equipment. The total built surface will cover 990 square meters, of which 455 sq.m. on the ground floor and 535 sq.m. on the upper floor; the time of completion is 16 months.

Referring to the future water sports base, Mangalia mayor Claudiu Tusac said that such a construction was an absolute must-have for a modern tourist port like Mangalia, the more so as this is where the Black Sea top important regattas are taking place.

„We had participants in tournaments, organizers and yacht owners asking us for a facility where they should be able to perform their activities, hold pre-contest conferences, award festivities and others. This is a natural continuation of the Mangalia tourist port, arisen from the need to complete the services offered to those who dock here, and I am convinced that after the project is completed, we will be able to draw even more water sports aficionados to Mangalia,” said mayor Claudiu Tusac.

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