Monument to Liviu Cornel Babes, who burnt himself to death on Bradul ski slope

Liviu Cornel Babes, the man who on March 2, 1989, burnt himself to death in protest against the communist regime on the Bradul ski slope at Poiana Brasov (central Romania), will have a monument in Brasov or Poiana Brasov.

The martyr’s wife and daughter chose the Icarus sculpted by Liviu Cornel Babes himself as the subject for the monument.

‘In 1971 when we met he used to sculpt, paint, make engravings and was a member of the Association of Amateur Artists. I have chosen the Icarus as I know he liked very much this work made in 1986. He was very fond of it, of the idea of flying to freedom,’ Etelka Babes, the wife of the hero, told a press conference on Friday.

‘We are to talk with experts about the size of the monument and establish its location, in Brasov or at Poiana Brasov, then we are to start making it. This monument is a mere unimportant gesture when compared to a supreme sacrifice. Maybe history will emphasize and will do much more for Liviu Cornel Babes than we are doing now,’ said mayor George Scripcaru.

Liviu Cornel Babes was commemorated on Friday in a prayer for the dead, which was followed by wreaths being laid at the cross in the lower part of the Bradul ski slope.

Liviu Cornel Babes burnt himself to death on March 2, 1989 on the Bradul ski slope at Poiana Brasov. He carried a placard reading ‘Stop murder! Auschwitz=Brasov’ and protested against the communist regime. He chose Poiana Brasov due to the presence of foreign tourists in the resort. He died a few hours later in the Brasov County Hospital. A street in Brasov was named after him in gratitude for his courageous gesture.


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