Traian Basescu on stability treaty: I believe it must be ratified as soon as possible


President Traian Basescu said on Friday that it is a success for Romania to be part of the treaty on stability, co-ordination and governance within the Economic and Monetary Union and that it should be ratified as soon as possible.

„We believe that Romania being part of this treaty is a success considering that we were among those who reacted quite harshly the moment it came up in its initial form and was aimed towards the states outside the euro area, and our target has been to be part of this treaty for the simple fact that it is easy for us to meet its demands and our integration in the euro area will be much easier, we will surely be more better prepared. The politicians back home can do what they want with this treaty. I believe it must be ratified as soon as possible,” Traian Basescu said during the press conference held after the European Council in Brussels.

The Romanian Head of State stressed that signing that document is a vital matter and the treaty should not turn into a topic of debate devoid of structure or core.

Traian Basescu pointed out that his conscience is at ease for having done his duty and that he set up the foundation for the Romanians. „What comes next with this treaty lies further with the Parliament and with the public political body in Romania,” Basescu added.

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