Mayor Oprescu wants old Bucharest center to be included in UNESCO patrimony


The inclusion of old Bucharest center, like that of Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, in the UNESCO Patrimony, could be a way to preserve the culture and the history of Romania’s capital city, Bucharest general mayor Sorin Oprescu reached the conclusion.

Mayor Oprescu, on an official visit to Switzerland, and his Swiss counterpart Alexander Tschappat held talks on the issue, on Monday. The latter said that through including Bern’s old center in the UNESCO heritage, the responsibility of the owners of the buildings located in that part of the city became considerably greater, without any financial implications such as being granted any subsidies on behalf of Bern Municipality.

Such an approach is worth being held in view for Bucharest as well, said Oprescu, who reiterated his confidence that this period, more than ever, is the up time for the cities to cooperate and find joint solutions to their common problems, as sometimes it is well known that bridges between communities may be faster and stronger links than that between governments.’

Alexander Tschappat greeted the visit Bucharest mayor paid to Bern, Switzerland’s capital city, describing it as a good opportunity to share experience in fields of common interest and to the benefit of the communities they deputize for. Oprescu emphasized Bucharest Municipality’s desire to benefit from Bern’s experience in domestic waste incineration, as the method’s advantages are well known, already.

Bern’s mayor assured his Romanian counterpart that the Swiss environment experts will support and show full openness to Bucharest, and a working team will be set up, soon.

In the end of the meeting, Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu invited Bern’s mayor Alexander Tschappat to pay an official visit to Bucharest, and along with the mayors of several other European capital cities to watch the Europe League Final, due on the National Arena, in Bucharest, on May 9, 2012.

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