President Traian Basescu recommends Parliament to pass administrative reorganisation

President Traian Basescu on Wednesday said he will recommend Parliament to adopt, in consultations with the Opposition, the administrative reorganisation of Romania, arguing that this is a key to efficient use of European funds.

‘Nobody can be convinced that a country which administrative organisation dates back to 1968 can meet today’s needs,’ Basescu said in a speech to a plenary session of Parliament.

He argued that there are in place now the same healthcare, agricultural and intelligence service directorates as in 1968 and such a composition no longer meets Romania’s requirements for development.

He added that the administrative and territorial reorganisation is the key to a more efficient use of public money that allows massive decentralisation of European funds.

He argued that money is currently being wasted on minor issues and underscored that the reorganisation process will bestow legal personality on local administrations and this way they could access European funds for projects directly from Brussels, without the need to ‘wait in line at the ministers’ offices.’

‘This is a topic you should think about and place above your own priorities,’ Basescu said.

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