UNPR’s amendments to PDL protocol regard taxes on wealthy, restoring public wages to 2010 levels


The National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR, a junior ruling coalition partner) in the talks with the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL, the main ruling coalition partner) brought up two amendments to the protocol on mutual support of candidates in local elections.

The first amendment targets the law on taxes on the wealthy and the other regards restoring the public wages to the level of June 2010, the UNPR informs in a release sent to Agerpres.

UNPR expects a decision in this regard to be made on Wednesday, according to the above-quoted source.

According to UNPR, taxing the rich would bring about 3 billion euros per year to the budget.

As regards the second amendment, it targets the rise of the salaries of public employees to the 2010 levels, namely before applying the austerity measures, as soon as the economic conditions allow it.

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