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JusMin Predoiu: Prosecutors must seize everything a delinquent owns, or our job is only half done


Minister of Justice Catalin Predoiu told prosecutors on the occasion of the Public Ministry (MP) taking stock meeting, to seize everything a delinquent owns, because if offenders are served just a prison sentence and remain with the money, the job is only half done.

„You must take everything (…). They will start again, with the same means, because they conduct businesses from prison. Seize everything they own because they are trying to rob us of everything we have. That is why we must combat tax evasion and I am glad it is one of the priorities declared by the Public Ministry”, said Predoiu.

About recovery of goods from offenders he said that it is a goal declared as a priority, years ago, by the Ministry of Justice, the Public Ministry and other institutions. He mentioned that, when he prepared the speech for this event, found out a news in the press, according to which, on May 5, 2011, the Italian Carabinieri seized in Italy goods belonging to a clan, worth one billion euros.

„Certainly, there are differences in what concerns the means, available logistical facilities, experience and so on, but that is the point we must reach. Shortly, we will also have the Law on extended seizure powers, a better cooperation between the Office on recovery of receivable debts, MJ and MP, so that, gradually, we are to improve these logistical facilities”, Predoiu underlined.

He added that the Romanian authorities are interested in the protection of the EU funds, because Romania is trying to attract such funds, but that the effectiveness of this activity also depends, to a great extent, on the way the phenomenon of diversion and illegal possession of this money is eradicated.


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