Kovesi: 2011 – maximum activity volume and most files in history


Romania’s Prosecutor General Laura Codruta Kovesi, at the Public Ministry (MP) activity report presentation on Thursday said that in 2011 they registered the maximum activity volume in the institution’s history, namely 1,700,000 criminal records.

‘It was 3 times more compared with 10 years ago and almost double compared with 2006. If we report this to Romania’s adult population, the existence of 1,700,000 criminal records represents an anomaly. Statistically speaking, we could say that approximately one Romanian out of four is involved in a criminal file. However, the statistic data show that the crime evolution has not a similar increase,’ Kovesi said.

She pointed out that this high activity volume was influenced by legislative problems or unjustified or uncompleted notifications.

‘We have solved more filed each year. In 2011 we solved the largest number of files in history, but almost 1,100,000 causes were left unsolved at the end of the year. It is more than we can solve in one year, with the resources we have. We need at least one year without registering any new file, in order to be able to solve all these files. More than 1,100,000 persons have been left with an uncertain judicial situation,’ the MP head pointed out.

Kovesi mentioned that the judicial system’s priority should be identifying solutions allowing limiting the number of files and solving the causes important to society.

‘Apparently, a first solution would consist of increasing the number of prosecutors, but this, although necessary, is not also sufficient. If the same trend of the activity volume increase maintains, after a while, the number of files will exceed again the supplementary resources.

That is why we believe that one of the most important lessons of 2011 is that we must continue the consistent and active implementing of the new procedures of the small reform law. On the other had, the law maker must continue the effort in identifying solutions of the same nature, simplified procedures, alternative solving methods, the opportuneness principle, elements of negotiated justice or the transposition of some crimes from the criminal illicit to the administrative one. The judicial system needs such institutions of we want an efficient justice and not servants buried under mountains of files,’ the Prosecutor General also said.

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