Wage pool structure for mining industry employees can be reviewed in May 2012


The wage pool for the mining industry employees can be reviewed in May 2012, at the same time with the establishment of the new Hunedoara Energy Complex, Economy, Trade and Business Environment Lucian Bode told Radio Romania Actualitati radio station.

‘At present, we are undergoing a reorganization, restructuring process in the energy industry. The viable mines – Loanea, Lupeni, Livezeni and Vulcan will become part of the new energy complex, Hunedoara Energy Complex.

I hope we can observe the deadline – and here I have talked very seriously with my colleagues, who are involved in this process – that is the month of May. In May we can talk about a new budget, we can talk about a different wage pool structure. Until the date in question, the revenues and expenditure budget approved in the Government meeting of February 28, does not allow any wage increases,’ Lucian Bode said.

Miners are dissatisfied for not having received the dangerous work in the underground bonus increased by 100 lei, as established through a protocol signed with the administration in February.

The trade union leaders say that the value of the bonus should be 700 lei, the equivalent of the minimum wage per economy. Muntele Trade Union Chairman Petre Nica said that the additional act to the collective labour contract was legal. On Tuesday he made an appeal to Premier Mihai Razvan Ungureanu saying that the Prime Minister was the one who could determine who were the persons responsible for the situation in which the mining industry in Valea Jiului turned up.


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