New private hospital inaugurated in Bucharest


A new private hospital was inaugurated on Monday in Bucharest, the first Medicover hospital providing the patients with advanced treatments and diagnostic techniques.

The unit has a devoted team of doctors and nurses, last-generation medical equipment and insures comfort during the entire hospital admission period.

The health care facility is an eight-storey building and has a capacity of 122 beds. The surgical unit equipped with three operating rooms, two operating rooms for mothers-to-be, last-generation medical devices can perform procedures in all specialties.

The hospital has been operationally open on Jan. 26 and has provided medical care for 1,500 patients, has admitted 100 people, most of them in the surgical unit, the maternity ward and the pediatrics ward.

The new hospital has also a medical imaging service, an ambulatory care unit with 25 offices, rooms for paraclinic investigations.

‘The Medicover hospital is the only Romanian hospital that is fully vertically integrated, offering complex medical services to the entire family by using advanced diagnostic methods and treatments with last-generation equipment and having over 100 medical specialists from its own network and external co-workers,’ underscored Dr. Bogdan Pana, executive director of Medicover clinics and hospital.

In his turn, Medicover main shareholder J. Jochnick said: ‘Romania is very important to us, we have confidence in Romania. We want to stay here for a long time.’

Medicover and Cord Blood Center, the first stem cells bank from Romania, forged a strategic partnership that came into force at the beginning of 2012.

This cooperation aims to provide clients with a wider range of services meeting the European quality standards.

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