Ungureanu demands ministers in charge to complete overdue reimbursement requests on EU funds until month-end


Prime Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu on Monday demanded the ministers in charge and other governmental officials involved in the European fund absorption to analyse and complete the overdue reimbursement requests in the EU financed projects until March-end.

The Government head in the Victoria Palace on Monday had a working meeting on the topic of European fund absorption.

‘The Prime Minister demanded the participants in the meeting to analyse and complete by the end of this month the overdue reimbursement requests and to strictly observe the 45-day deadline set through EGO 121/2011 for processing the reimbursement requests, in order not to generate other overdue payments,’ a Government’s press release shows.

Ungureanu also convened an extended inter-ministry committee on Tuesday on the European fund topic, with the participation of the Cabinet members, of the heads of the Management Authorities, the Certification and Payment Authority, the National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement and of the other intermediary bodies involved in the European fund absorption, to analyse the necessary measures for speeding up the absorption process.

European Affairs Minister Leonard Orban, Transports and Infrastructure Minister Alexandru Nazare, Public Finance Minister Bogdan Dragoi and Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu participated in the meeting on Monday.

Secretary of State with the European Affairs Ministry Catalin Vatafu, National Council for Complaints Settlement board member Constantin Budulan, National Authority for Regulating and Monitoring Public Procurement chairperson Cristina Traila, and Unit for the Coordination and Verification of Public Procurement director Constanta Coman were also present in the meeting.

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