Gov’t concerned that UMF Targu Mures students’ diplomas be legally acknowledged

The Government’s concern is that the diplomas obtained by the students of the Medicine and Pharmacy University (UMF) from Targu Mures (central Romania) should be legally acknowledged, Prime Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu said ahead of the executive’s weekly sitting on Tuesday.

‘My personal concern is that the students first and foremost, since they are the direct beneficiaries of the educational process, should have nothing to reproach the way that this issue is going to be resolved. They are the reason why there are universities and higher education institutions in any civilised country across the world. The concern of this Cabinet is that the diplomas the students obtain at the end of the studies be legally acknowledged, so that their career may unfurl smoothly’, Ungureanu said.

He said he had ‘late night’ talks with the leader of the UMF students, whom he communicated the executive’s intentions with respect to that university.

On the other hand Ungureanu said he would personally wish to see a German-teaching unit set up at the Targu Mures-based university.

‘My intention – and I’m speaking for me personally – was to also have a German-teaching unit, besides the English one, the Hungarian one and the proposed Romanian one. I understand there are obstacles today, but I hope sometime we’ll be able to understand multiculturalism by adding the German language too, which is an European language, is one of the world’s languages of civilisation, thus underlining the multicultural character of higher education’, he said.

With respect to the legal means by which the Hungarian unit will be set up at the UMF, the prime minister stressed that, after the ruling coalition had reached a common viewpoint of this matter, the Government has also found a technical solution to implement it.

‘The formula we will find and which we’ll discuss about in the Cabinet meeting will be heard in a first reading and it will then be put to public debate and released on the Internet in ten days’, Ungureanu announced.

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