Leonard Orban says territorial reorganisation might provide coherence to manage EU funds


Minister of European Affairs Leonard Orban believes the administrative reorganisation might lead to a coherence in managing the European funds on larger areas.

„That would provide a coherence in managing funds on larger administrative areas. If we take a look, one of the major issues we have in managing the community funds is that locally, a political decision cannot be reached because there are differing points of view, many times belonging to people in different political parties, and therefore major delays ensue.

More often than not, the interests and the objectives of a particular county are not the same as those of a neighbouring county, that is why we witness a lack of coherence in identifying and implementing concrete projects,” Leonard Orban said inquired about the administrative-territorial reorganisation.

He said that there is the risk that Bucharest might not benefit from the cohesion funds anymore, starting on 2015-2016, in the context of the current social-economic development areas.

„If we remain faithful to the current social-economic development areas, Bucharest will no longer benefit from funds for the cohesion objective starting on 2015-2016. This is the major risk. We will have to find a formula if we want any more funds allocated for Bucharest and Ilfov area, we should perform such a reorganisation as to be able to better distribute development instruments among various regions,” Orban said.

The minister of European Affairs was present when the „European Forum” campaign was launched, a campaign included in the strategy of the European Commission Representation in Romania, meant to raise awareness about the three priorities of the European Commission for 2012, the economic governance of the member states, the multiannual financial framework 2014-2020 and the strategy for economic growth Europe 2020.


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